Ruth Meszaros

Ruth Meszaros

Unique Eggs

Unique Eggs by Ruth are real chicken, duck, or goose eggs that have been blown out, cleansed, sometimes dyed or painted with acrylics, sometimes left a natural white, brown, or green color, and decorated with freehand designs in India ink, paint markers, paints, or thread. Each egg is given five coats of clear varnish-like spray to preserve the design and strengthen the whole creation.

Doodling and drawing have been Ruth’s hobbies since she outgrew coloring books. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Chicago, she went to work as a secretary and began serious doodling again, using a drafting pen and colored pencils. Eventually she decided to try the technique on eggshells, though exactly what prompted this urge remains a mystery.

Ruth wrote, “I find that the egg is a perfect and intriguing form for transforming two-dimensional art, or just doodling, into an interesting three-dimensional object. Having progressed through a number of techniques and styles over the years, I tend to repeat several of my favorites because creating them is such a pleasant activity. Over the past five years I have been creating more 2-D works – wall art and artist trading cards – using collage and the same techniques and styles used on eggs.”

Ruth’s egg creation was chosen as the “Wisconsin Egg 2008” for the White House Egg Gallery 2008; each year’s Gallery is included in the White House permanent collection.

Ruth’s egg creations may be viewed at, at the shops noted on the website, or by appointment at her residence.

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Ruth Meszaros (Artist/Owner)
400 Phillips Ave. W.
Ladysmith, WI 54848