About Us

April 2007


  • Creativity is present in everyone.
  • Every person has the potential to appreciate and respond positively to aesthetic influences.
  • Art expresses one’s humanity, culture and spirit.
  • Active participation in the arts enlivens and inspires all areas of one’s life.
  • Art exposure and art education develops ones powers of perception.
  • Artists benefit personally and creatively by supporting each other’s artistry.
  • The artistic experience supports and encourages diversity and inclusivity, hallmarks of a vibrant community.

General Goals:

  • Organize public art events and educational opportunities that utilize the talents, creativity, and enthusiasm of area artists.
  • Develop sales events, individual exhibits, art meetings, teaching demonstrations, performances, and just fun activities for and by local artists.
  • Network with and show support for other state and national arts organizations through sponsorship and/or participation in their events, when possible.

Ongoing Events:

  • Music in the Park
  • Rusk County Community Library Art Gallery
  • RAAA Gift Gallery
  • Toadally Artsy Kids Events
  • Adult Art Classes
  • Art Harvest
  • Random Acts of Poetry & Art
  • Friend of the Arts Award
  • Scarecrows on Parade
  • Community Arts & Music Events

Other Events:

  • Art Train
  • Musicale
  • Teen Art Class