Toad House

Toad House Publishing

Coffee House, Art Gallery, Publishing House

The land upon which Toad House stands was part of a larger piece of land sold in 1864 by the United States Government to John Murphy. The property was eventually called ‘The New Flambeau Addition’. It went through many owners and divisions until the early 1900’s when the Ellingboe family bought the property. The Ellingboes had a daughter Helen, married to Harold Schiotz, to whom they deeded the property. The Schiotz’s lived in the home until they died. The property remained vacant until May 2010 when Tony and Eileen Ziesler bought the home from the two daughters, Bev and Randi, creating Toad House with extensive redesign and remodeling.

But why, might you ask, did they name it Toad House?

In 1996, Tony and Eileen sailed in the Apostle Islands. In the marina where their boat was kept, they found a large toad living under a soda machine. He came out at night to eat the insects that collected in the light of the machine, but he was never to be found in the daytime. The experience was the inspiration for the poem, Toads, that later became a beautiful picture book illustrated by a local artist, Janelle Thompson. But what should the new little publishing company be named? Michael Doran suggested Toad House Publishing and 711 Lake Avenue West became Toad House.

If you happen to hop over when the toads are in, you will find delicious baked goods, baked at the little commercial bakery, from traditional recipes. Come on a Friday to enjoy a light lunch with friends that features homemade soup and various breads. You may choose European crepes with whipped cream and fruit, or a delicious quiche full of spinach, asparagus, sweet corn, peppers, or mixed vegetables. German kindle or brooches, sweet rolls, and real sourdough breads are frozen soon after baking, so you may pick up these specialties at any time.

Enjoy meaningful conversations with artists and friends; come for great coffee, come for food, come for beautiful gifts and cards by local artists and authors, come to knit and chat, to take a class, to share with your child or grandchild the joy of creating. Leave with the rewards of meaningful friendship. We invite you to enjoy all that Toad House has to offer. We invite you to come and be part of this ordinary and extraordinary gathering place in our community!

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