Art Along the Flambeau

Art along the Flambeau on Saturday, June 25th from 10am-3pm in Memorial Park, Ladysmith.

Julie Rutherford, Stained Glass Artist

Julie Rutherford: Stained Glass Artist

Dear Readers: Most of us are familiar with the beauties of stained glass, an art form that has been a mainstay of religious expression for nearly a thousand years, and in more recent times has expanded to include secular themes and new artistic forms, such as the world-renowned lamps of Louis Tiffany. In this column […]

Julie Brockbank, Oil Painter

Julie Brockbank

Dear Readers: In a recent column we featured an area photographer who prefers to take monochromatic pictures in black and white or sepia in order to bring out the“essence” of the photo subject. Today we’re going to do an about face and meet Julie Brockbank, a local oil painter who employs a wide variety of […]

Karen Koehler, Photographer

Rusk Area Arts Alliance

Dear Readers:  Many Americans alive today can’t imagine a time when most movies, television programs and photographs were shot in black and white.  The advent of color opened up a world of amazing visual possibilities in all three mediums, and few would opt to go back to the days before Technicolor and the NBC Peacock.  […]

Kathy Revak, Fiber Artist

Kathy Revak

Dear Readers: For many of us, the terms “fiber arts” and “fiber artist” may need explanation. According toWikipedia, “fiber art” is a type of fine art that utilizes natural or synthetic fiber and other components such as fabric or yarn. The fiber artist uses these materials to create a variety of aesthetic works. In today’s […]

Sue and Clarence Anderson; Jon Farber

Jon Farber

Dear Readers:  In the first installment of this column I wrote that its purpose is to help us get to know many of the artists who live and work in our Rusk County “neighborhood.” So today let’s meet Sue and Clarence Anderson and their grandson, Jon Farber, a local family that creates beautiful art out […]

Susanne von Schroeder

Susanne von Schroeder

Dear Readers:  Those of us who live in Rusk County know it as a place of great year-round natural beauty, blessed with abundant wildlife, clear, clean rivers, large forested areas and the Blue Hills. If only we had the time and ability to get out there and record it all with a camera! Susanne von […]

Sage Leary

Sage Leary

Dear Readers:  It’s safe to say that most people, even those of us who can’t carry a tune in a bucket or have never learned to play an instrument, enjoy music.  Whether it’s rock, gospel, blues, jazz, classical, folk or a host of other musical varieties, there’s something out there for nearly everybody’s taste.  And […]

Andrea Korpinen Interview

Rusk Area Arts Alliance

Dear Readers:  It’s late springtime in Wisconsin and Mother Nature is definitely on the move. The trees are green, migratory birds have returned and all of nature appears to be welcoming new life. So this seems an appropriate time to meet an area artist who has a deep appreciation for nature and whose work is […]