Nancy Wheeler

Weaver / Fiber Artist

Nancy Wheeler has been weaving since 1995, She weaves items such as scarves, rugs, afghans, place mats, blankets, towels, table runners, and wall hangings. Not a “professional” weaver, she weaves mostly for fun for family and friends. Nancy has a 8 and 4-harness floor looms and table looms, and other various and sundry inkle and potholder and Weave-it looms.

Nancy is very active in the Flambeau Area Fiber Artists (FAFA) Fiber Guild. FAFA meets periodically in members’ homes to share current projects and provide inspiration and support to fellow fiber artists. Members of FAFA are happy to demonstrate their crafts of weaving, spinning, knitting, felting, lace making, basket making, and the like to help spread the word that these crafts are alive and well in the 21st Century. Contact Nancy at home at 715-532-6298 for information about weaving, looms, or the meetings and activities of the Flambeau Area Fiber Artists.

You may purchase Nancy’s work at Toad House, in Ladysmith.

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Nancy Wheeler


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